​Training for People

           with Dogs

A workshop like no other!

Do you have a dog who is  reactive, frustrated, fearful

and / or aggressive?

 You are not alone. 

Learn how to prevent unwanted behaviors such as lunging, barking and snapping.

Huffy Hounds 

This class is really fun and easy to learn! 

Using the dog's natural desire to hunt and their love of toys and treats, we will build confidence and focus. It's a great way to exercise your dog both mentally and physically. 


Puppy Training

The first 20 weeks of a Puppy's life are critical

for it's long term social and mental development.


This training will help you provide your puppy with the skills required to grow  into a happy and healthy dog

Private Training

Our experienced and talented trainer can modify reward based training to suit each dog. 

Having the trainer's undivided attention (at home, in the park, on walks, in public, etc.) will provide the greatest learning opportunity for you and your dog.  


Scent Sports

Training at a glance

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  Featured Group Classes:         

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