​​​​​​Manners Matter, for all Mutts !

My Positive Puppy ~ Get your puppy started off on the right paw!

4 or 6 weeks of 1-hour classes
$160 / $220 

Don’t Have Your Puppy Yet? Book a pre-puppy package.
$235 / $295
1 private visit before puppy arrives
4-week or 6-week set of puppy classes

Who’s eligible for class? Healthy puppies who are 9 to 20 weeks of age and have been home for a week prior to the start of class. 

Attending a well run puppy class gives you an opportunity to take full advantage of your puppy’s earliest stage of development. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!   It’s a fantastic chance to develop your puppy’s confidence and help shape your puppy’s attitude and behaviour in a positive way.

My Positive Puppy classes are a fun, family-friendly experience using the latest knowledge in dog behaviour to set your puppy up for a lifetime of success.Attending a properly run puppy class gives you an opportunity to take full advantage of your puppy's imprinting period and earliest stage of development. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! It's a fantastic chance to develop your puppy's confidence and help shape your puppy's attitude and behavior in a positive way.

Manners Matter for all Mutts!

There are different group classes for:

Adolescent Dogs, Adult Dogs and Reactive Dogs too ...

These classes are ongoing throughout the year. They are outdoors classes tailored toward the age and stage of the participating dogs. Occasionally , the trainers will be working right beside you with their own dogs.  These classes are a collaboration between Valerie Barry with “Jack” of In Partnership With Dogs and Pamela Murray with 'Dreki" and “Tallulah”  of Canine Spirit Dog Training.  

Activities include:

-                Greeting people and dogs appropriately
-                Impulse control exercises – Wait, Leave It, Stop
-                Socializing exercises specific to adolescents such as;

                 reactivity, over-arousal and fear behaviors

-                Play with humans - Drop It - Tug - Fetch
-                Play and social behavior between dogs
-                Recall to Come! With Increased Distraction

-                Loose Leash Skills and Abilities

-                Stationary games with Sit, Down and did you say 'STAY'?!

For Dogs who have more experience , the class is geared toward generalizing and proofing your obedience skills outside where we like to spend time with our dogs. The great outdoors can be a challenge for dogs who are still learning!  If you are still working on your training, have a newly adopted dog or just want to do something different with your dog, these classes  are for you.  Come out and be part of our fun and supportive group!

​Reactive Dogs have their own class with a smaller number of dogs and focusing on specific skill sets that are tailored to suit the individual dog

Huffy Hounds !  A workshop like no other!

Do you have a Huffy Hound?

Is your dog reactive, fearful, frustrated, or aggressive?  You’re not alone.

We’re really excited about designing the best possible class scenario for helping people with reactive dogs. The goal is to help people make and see progress with their dogs throughout an ongoing series of classes.

This class is a collaboration between Valerie Barry of In Partnership With Dogs (ipwd.ca) and Pamela Murray of Canine Spirit.  The classes are group classes held in outdoor locations so we can help you with your dog in the kind of environments you tend to spend time in (or wish to spend time in) with your dog.

Each week we work through a series of exercises designed to help each individual dog learn to cope with challenging situations.  We also work on training specific skills as an alternative to reactive behavior.  If appropriate, friendly, neutral dogs help us in class with social skill building.  The humans in class learn about dog body language and appropriate social skill and play behavior.  Classes are taught on the North Shore and in Coquitlam 

Nose Worthy - Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced 

Nose Work is an easy to learn activity and one of the fastest growing dog sports. All dogs are welcome. Class challenges are designed to match your dog and each individual dog’s skill level. For dogs with limitations, Nose Work can be played just for fun and for therapy. Senior dogs can get much needed mental exercise while taking it easy on their bodies. Fearful dogs build confidence. Dog reactive dogs can have a chance to be part of a class setting, working separately from other dogs, but enjoying positive reinforcement in the vicinity of those dogs. There are so many benefits that come from the class experience itself. Your dog’s needs will determine how you both enjoy this sport called Nose Work. 

Classes are running Saturday mornings and Tuesday evenings 

BEGINNERS - Level 1:

This class is where the games begin! The dogs learn to hunt for food or toys. Those rewards are paired with the target odor. As the class progresses the dogs learn how to do more and more complex searches

This class expands the dogs knowledge of odor in the different contexts such as: vehicles, containers, exterior and interior searches.

ADVANCED- Level 3:

This class continues to expand the dogs’ expertise of odor in varying contexts and environments. The searches become more complex and new odors are introduced.

COMPETITION - Level  4: 
All aspects of competition are taught. Handlers learn how to read their dogs on blind hides and work as a team in different environments. 

             ​Training for People

           with Dogs