Pam taught us the proper training techniques that worked well for our dog thus far.  These techniques redirected her anxious behaviours into more confident, engaged, tail-wagging behaviours.  Pam also opened us up to a new world of fun training classes that our dog loves: tracking and nosework. 

Since our dog's anxiety is still present, it is a comfort knowing that Pam is always willing to help.  Her breadth of knowledge regarding canine behaviours and patience towards the humans she educates is greatly appreciated by our family (even after 3 years, she still enjoys educating us and making learning fun for our dog).

Erin, Kenji and 'Juno'     Burnaby, British Columbia

Leo, searching for a 'Hide' in the rocks and looking cute by the lake 



3 years ago we brought a 10 weeks old Vizsla and B&T Coonhound mixed puppy back home. His name is Kona and he's a very handsome and who  has a lot of energy, I mean a lot lot of energy! We were out every day and played for hours and he has always looked for more. I thought signing him up for agility would tired him out. On our very first agility class Kona was so interested in sniffing everywhere and at the same time he tried to please me learning a few things. I knew that won’t be the right activity for him. I googled around and found there are some training and classes for nosework, of course I found Pamela who we used to take puppy class training for our very first dog. She is a certified professional trainer with over 20 year experiences and knowledge. 

After taking the first few classes of nose work and tracking classes with Pamela I know we have found the perfect activities for Kona and me. I wish you can see how Kona drag me thru the search areas…….. So excited! We loves it!! 


Pamela is always making sure it is a positive and good learning experience for all, dogs and handlers. She will set up the right challenge for each dog come to her class. She is positive, patient, encouraging and accommodating with each individual dog and handler. Every class she provides interesting, creative searches in a variety of locations to build strong teamwork between the dogs and their handler. When she knows one of us registered for upcoming game/trials she would set up extra time to help us practice more.


We have been taking nosework and tracking classes with Pamela nearly 2 years now. We have learned so much and slowly become a great team.  A few months ago we started to enter games and trials So far Kona had earned a few titles (I’m so pleased and impressed)


-          SOG – ABC game (trustworthy)

-          DOG – ABC game

-          Level 1 – C-wags

-          Level 2 – C-wags

-          Started – SDDA (special)

I know I have become a better handler to support Kona on each search. WE LOVE IT!


Pamela has taught us so much and we will always be grateful that we met her.


We still go for our daily walks and plays. Also set up a few hides at home, Kona is satisfied afterwards.


I LOVE nosework! Its great activity for every dogs, Its opportunity to fulfill their needs and also makes strong bond between your dog and you.


Thank you so much Pamela

Annie & Kona (super scent detective)

Pam at Canine Spirit has been the trainer for our family for over 15 years. When we say "trainer for our family" we mean just that. Pam makes it very clear on your first class with her that she isn't there to just train your dog, she's there to train you and your family as well, so that the years spent with your dog are happy, fun and fulfilling for all. 

We've had 3 dogs we've taken with us to Canine Spirit over the past 15 years for things such as basic obedience; outdoor obedience; nose work; tracking; and agility. It's wonderful to see Pam bond with each one of her furry students. Our three have each loved her from first pet, and while the words "Wanna go...?" in our household causes many ears to perk up, the words "Wanna go see Pam?" causes ear perks, furry bodies to jump up, stretch and twirl, and lots of wagging tails. 

It is a joy to have seen our pups excel with us over the years under Pam's patient guidance. She is so in tune with all of our pups needs and all of ours as well. We never hesitate to let all we meet on our walks know who our trainer is and we will continue to have Pam be a part of our pups' lives both present and future as long as she'll have us.
     Vancouver, British Columbia

Keiko: "I love Pam. I love the treats Pam gives me. I love seeing my doggy friends. I especially like nose work and I've become so good at it! I guess I can entertain the humans and do what they ask if it means I get noms and attention."

Bruno: "OMG. At first... I was so afraid to meet people and other doggies. I was so scared of everything. Pam helped me see that other people and doggies can be nice and that I don't have to be afraid. Is that a squirrel?!! I gotta go... " 

Owners: We have been training with Pam since Keiko was only a few months old (she just turned 4 years). Keiko is a very stubborn and headstrong dog so we are glad that we started training her early. After all the training, Keiko has turned out to be an obedient dog and she really enjoys nosework classes. We adopted Bruno and he came with some quirks; he was afraid of everything. He's come a long way after a year of training with Pam. 

Coquitlam, British Columbia

' Juno '

As I was writing this, I realized how truly comforting it is knowing you are always willing to help with Juno.  It was hard for me to articulate that feeling. When we first adopted our dog, it was very overwhelming.  She was (is) loveable and great, but also exhibited behaviours that myself and my husband had never experienced before: general anxiety, separation anxiety, not knowing how to play, not knowing how to settle herself (that is, she would stand in the same spot for long periods of time and just hang her head).  We were so very fortunate to find Canine Spirit.  Pam took the time to meet with us and our dog.  She helped us to understand what our dog was going through and how her coping behaviours, although strange to us, made sense to her.  In turn, this gave us a greater appreciation and empathy towards our new pup. 

' Toby '

'Juno ' , with a well won Nose Work ribbon!

Kona, super scent detective!

We first met Pam when our Australian Cattle Dog puppy Toby was 4 months old and we registered him in her puppy class.  Toby had recently begun barking and lunging at other dogs and we were hoping to find some ways to help him overcome this. We continued working with Pam after our puppy class ended, as we were encouraged by Toby's progress and the things we learned, but also discouraged by the fact that we still couldn't walk down the street without him barking and lunging at almost every dog he saw.  He also showed this reactive behavior with anything that looked unfamiliar or different to him (bikes, construction workers, strollers, umbrellas) and our walks were becoming increasingly stressful for all of us.  Pam took the time to work with us, help us understand Toby's behavior, and give us ways to help him redirect his behavior into something positive.

Over the last 4 years we have done private lessons with Pam, as well as agility, nose work, tracking, manners in the park, and huffy hounds.  Pretty much anything Pam has offered, we have done it!  Pam has always shown a genuine interest in Toby's progress and has continued to provide valuable training advice as the need arises.  There have been many texts and phone calls (and tears) to Pam about Toby's struggles and successes, and I am grateful that I have a trainer that I am so comfortable with, and one that will truly share in the joys and struggles with me.  We recently welcomed a new baby into our family, and because of the training foundation we have with Toby, we were able to make this transition smooth for all of us.

While Toby isn't perfect, and we continue to work on his "issues" on a daily basis, he has come so far.  Recently, Toby has been able to come to Pam's Huffy Hounds classes as a "demo dog". We have had the chance to share our story and show others with reactive dogs that there is hope!  I remember the first time Pam convinced me to bring Toby for a walk with her at Mundy Park and how nervous I was to have him around so many other dogs.  Now, these walks are something we look forward to.  I am so proud of Toby and the dog he has turned into.  He is my best friend, and we truly are a team.  Toby has gone on to compete in both nose work and tracking and over the past couple of years we have earned several awards and titles together!  The relationship that I have developed with him was unimaginable when we first brought our tiny puppy home, and I owe a lot of that to Pam and the time, patience, and expertise she has shown us over the last 4 years.

Kathryn, Kevin and 'Toby'      Port Moody, British Columbia

             ​Training for People

           with Dogs

Pamela at Canine Spirit has been amazing with assisting me in learning how to best train my rescue dogs (they always come with issues).  She has always been willing to find a program or schedule that works for both me and my dogs, and has been especially helpful with my latest project 'Leo the crazy cattle dog'.

Nosework has been a godsend for tiring out Leo -we do it for fun and mental stimulation and we practice at home, and have used it on the road during our camping and cabin trips.  So far it's been the one thing that consistently tires out my indefatigable cattle dog - who normally says what's next after we return from a 10 km hike!

Huffy hounds has been great for Leo as well - we recently managed a leash walk @ Como Lake passing other dogs without putting on an end of leash display.  Lots more work to do here, but Leo gives Canine Spirit and Pamela a big paws up! (and she always has the best dog treats)."       New Westminster, British Columbia

'Rigby' and 'Tacoma'

'Keiko' and 'Bruno'